Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bay Breeze 5k

Took part in the Bay Breeze 5k this morning, was very pleased to see the weather was going to be nicer than my last 5k, it was actually the perfect temperature for running, warm but not too warm and no breeze.

The route was around Quarry Lakes and about 95% flat (much nicer than my last 5k!)


I probably jogged about 40% of the course and fast walked the rest, which worked out well as I finished the race in 53:35 (it was just over 5k). Was super pleased when I checked my phone as I made a new PR for my 5k - I took 2mins 45secs off my previous PR :)

One thing I did notice is that I need to work on my breathing during the times I jog, as I tend to hold my breath - don't know why! So need to try and work on a breathing strategy so I can work on jogging for longer. This time I had no aches during or after, so I think this is a great sign my body is coping well, also this week I have done lots of walking too, which I am sure has helped.

Another medal and bib for my display, my medal rack is now full so need to look at buying a new one.


I love the super cool shirts and medals from Brazen racing - definitely makes it fun to participate, and as usual there was lots of yummy snacks available after the race. My next 5k is a virtual one, its the Jelly Bean 5k, which i will be running on March 23rd, not sure which location I will choose for it yet though. 
My April 5k I am still trying to decide on - I really want to do the Diablo Trails Challenge, BUT the elevation over the course is 558ft and that is putting me off - I haven't found any other races for April yet - so I think I may need to take the plunge and sign up for this one, I certainly won't be making any new PR's that race!!


  1. Congrats Sarah! What a cool medal too. Have you heard about this program in which you donate your medals to kids who are ill - I am thinking of doing it.

  2. Thanks, that's a cool idea about the medal ideas, but its only for half, full and triathalons :(