Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

OK, so where do I start.... This week hasn't been great, it started off great and then slowly I started to go off track, and just like a runaway train (not sure why I chose that reference!) I ended up being totally out of control and as a result haven't tracked since Friday. You would think after my big gain (numbers to follow shortly), I would have been eager to get back on track, but I am struggling to stay focused. I am a bit OCD when it comes to planning, and the last two weeks we have had a friend staying, so I haven't had a set plan for the week, and I think that has thrown me a bit. I'm not blaming that on my over eating, the eating falls entirely on me, I could have made much better choices in the restaurants and said no to appetizers and desserts, but I chose not too. I'm hoping by the end of the week I will have got my destructive behavior out of my head. I plan to sit own on Sunday and properly plan for the week ahead, you maybe asking why not do that today? - I am asking myself the same question! I do wonder why my brain works like this sometimes.

I guess it wasn't all totally bad this week, exercise wise I did great. I earned 27 AP's with my Active Link (6 more than last week) and hit my goal 112%. As a result they suggested I increase my  end goal for the 12 week challenge. So now my new goal is to earn 5 points a day, it started as a goal of 0-2 points a day. So far this week though I haven't hit goal :(

Time for the numbers:

Previous Weight: 272.2
Today's weigh in: 279.4
 +/- :  +7.2lbs   
Total loss 25.6lbs 

I have a 5k to run next weekend, so I need to start eating healthy again or I will be feeling totally crap during the run.

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Thanks or stopping by, have a great week
Sarah x


  1. You'll get back on track. I know you will. We all go a bit off kilter when friends visit.

  2. Thanks, guess its lucky I don't have anymore visitors planned till August!

  3. You will certainly get back on track. I had a gain of 5+lbs last week (and I've been too knackered to update my blog), but it happens. At least you know it, you admit it, and you can move on and make the RIGHT decisions. Hang in there!! You've got this! ;)