Weight Loss Goals and Rewards

I thought I would start a separate page here to keep a running total of my goals and rewards. Then I can update them as I reach them :)

My highest recorded weight was 305lbs on Feb 22 2011
295lbs (10lbs lost) Achieved Jul 13 2011
289.75lbs (5% lost) Achieved Aug 31 2011  
285lbs (20lbs lost) Achieved Jan 23 2012  
275lbs (30lbs lost) Achieved Apr 23 2012  
274.5lbs (10% lost) Achieved Apr 23 2012
265lbs (40lbs lost)
259.25 (15% lost)
255lbs (50lbs lost)
245lbs (60lbs lost)
244lbs (20% lost)
235lbs (70lbs lost)
228.75lbs (25% lost)
225lbs (80lbs lost)
215lbs (90lbs lost)
213.5lbs (30% lost)
205lbs (100lbs lost)  Last time I was this light was 1996!!
198.25lbs (35% lost)
195lbs (110lbs lost)
185lbs (120lbs lost)
183lbs (40% lost)
175lbs (130lbs lost)
167.75lbs (45% lost)
165lbs (140lbs lost)
155lbs (150lbs lost)
152.5lbs (50% lost)

I think the ideal weight I would like to reach would be 154lbs, but as I get nearer I will see how comfortable I feel and look at that weight, as right now it seems forever and a day away!


  1. We are very close in our current weights and our goals - I'm excited to watch you progress as I hopefully progress right a long with ya :)