Sunday, April 21, 2013

Diablo Trails 5k

Completed my 4th 5k of 2013 yesterday :)

I must confess I was not really looking forward to it as I hate hills, so I was thinking about this far too much prior to the race. Turns out it was nowhere near as bad as I was imagining. There were two steep parts at the beginning, but other than that the incline wasn't too noticeable.

This was my first actual trail run, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I've been on a few courses before that are mainly paved with a small amount of trail, but this was 100% trail, and we ran through four creeks (each one twice), they told us at the start just to run through and get wet then we wouldn't be bothered on the others. The first two we tiptoed across the rocks and stayed dry, but then we came to the third one...

and the only option was to go through and get wet, which was actually really refreshing, and the fourth one was even deeper. We soon got used to the creeks, although some rocks were slippy, so we walked rather than run through. The trails had lots of random rocks and tree trunks in the way and I saw a lot of people slip and trip, so I became extra cautious and only ran on the very flat parts.

I wasn't expecting to create any new PR's today, but still went faster than I expected considering I stopped to photograph, stopped at each creek and had the rocky steep parts of the trail.

I finished 3.25 miles in 59:21 with a 18'14" pace, so 1'44" slower than my fastest time.

Another medal for my super full medal rack, must look into purchasing a new rack at some point.
Next 5k is the Divas 5k on May 5


  1. A trail run?! Wow, that's adventurous! I like walking trails, but so many bumps, rocks and things to throw me off, ther's no way I could imagine running it. Awesome job!!!!! And that's a great time for a long trail run, especially with so much water. Ugh, I'd be so over that. lol

    1. Just found out there is a run on the same course in November, so I will sign up so I can compare times :)