Saturday, March 30, 2013

So many 5k's

I signed up for another two 5k's this week :) I'm so going to need a new medal rack!!

My aim for this year was to run one 5k every month. So far this year I have run three.

Brazen New Years Day 5k

Bay Breeze 5k

Jelly Bean Virtual 5k

I have another six that I have registered for, hope to register for the others in the next few weeks.

April: Brazen Diablo Trails 5k

May: Diva's 5k
         Rave Run 5k

June: Foxy Virtual 5k
         Progressive Marathon (a total of 26.2 miles including a final 5k race)

July: Brazen Dirty Dozen 5k (not registered yet)

August: Brazen Summer Breeze 5k (not registered yet)
              Brazen Bear Creek 5k (not registered yet)

September: Brazen Drag N Fly 5k (not registered yet)

October: Brazen Rocky Ridge 5k (not registered yet)

November:  Awesome 80's 5k
                    Considering doing the Nitro Turkey and Quarry Turkey 5k's over Thanksgiving

December: Plan to do the New Years Eve 5k as I did in 2012

If I complete everything I have planned that will be a total of 16 5k's plus a progressive marathon in 2013 - which I think is pretty good going. If anyone wants to join me on any of the races, let me know. I will be fast walking/jogging each one. Hopefully getting fitter and faster as the year goes on.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

Yes I know, I am a day late again...

It has been a hectic week, we are moving house, so I have been busy organizing and cleaning and packing, so much to do.

As a result I never tracked at all last week, and I wasn't great at eating proper meals either, I was grabbing food on the go and not making the best choices when I did grab food.

So wasn't surprised to see the numbers go up slightly this week. I am trying to avoid the grocery store and eat what we have in the cupboards and fridge/freezer so there is less food to move with, most of it is healthy so I just need to make the time to prepare some proper meals in between racing around.

Previous Weight: 274.4
Today's weigh in: 275.2
 +/- :  +0.8lbs   
Total loss 29.8lbs

On another note I have sold (well will have in the next hour) my treadmill, I was reluctant to get back on it after the incident where I fell off it. Our new house is in a very flat area, and there are lots of trails, so I am excited to do more walking, plus there is a swimming pool 1 mile from my house, so I plan to start doing some aqua classes again. I do still have my exercise biker which I use, and I hope to get back out on my regular bike now we are moving to a flat area.

My knee is still giving me a lot of grief and I am going to go see the orthopedist tomorrow, my Dr thinks I may have a meniscus tear and may need surgery - I am hoping that is not the case. I had my annual physical last week and all is good, my cholesterol is slightly raised, but it has been the same consistent level for the past 3 years, so he isn't concerned, also my vitamin D levels are slightly low, but not enough for him to be concerned about. I guess I need to spend more time in the sun :) He did the usual chat about my weight and would I consider weight loss surgery and I said no. My weight is going down (all be it slowly), so I don't want to consider the surgery.

Have a great week everyone
Sarah xxx

Sunday, March 24, 2013

JellyBean 5k

Today I took part in the 3rd Annual Jelly Bean race - although it was only my first time taking part.

I opted to do the 5k, I did plan to go out first thing this morning and walk/jog 5k, but I wanted to go around Lake Temescal and today was the Oakland marathon and they used that route so it was a no go. So in the end I decided to take the dogs with me this afternoon, which is great as I get the 5k done and the dogs get walked, but it was super busy and I ended up stopping around 6 times for people to pet the dogs and tell me how cute they are. So it wasn't a very quick 5k.

Lake Temescal is beautiful and it was really nice out today and there were lots of people on the beach and swimming in the lake - I personally am not too keen on the whole swimming in the lake, but people seemed to be having fun. Also there were lots of picnics and BBQ's going on and the smell of burgers made me sooooo hungry!!


So a rather slow 1:24.31 5k, but I enjoyed it and I completed my 3rd 5k of the year :) Another medal on my rack - I am now doubling up on the hooks, so need to start thinking about a new rack soon.

Thanks to Jess for hosting the Virtual race.

Next race is in 4 weeks and is the big hill....

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

Just a quick post this week as I have a super busy day with lots planned.

This past week I tracked 100% using My Fitness Pal - I was under calories everyday apart from Saturday and Sunday, did two workouts, so need to work on that more.

Previous Weight: 280
Today's weigh in: 274.4
 +/- :  -5.6lbs   
Total loss 30.6lbs

So I lost the exact amount I gained last week - so I am edging back closer to the 270 mark. Have a busy week this week, but hope to try and fit in some workouts. I signed up for FitnessGlo so need to plan some workouts with that too, more about that next week.

Have a great week everyone
Sarah xxx

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

The prize for the person who ate and drank the most in Vegas over the weekend, goes to......

Me!! Yes I ate and drank far too much, but I also had lots of fun, so it is all good. Won't be having sprinkles for breakfast again for a long while!!

Last week I told you all how I was going low carb for March, it was going OK, I wasn't missing bread or pasta, but was struggling with breakfasts in the morning and really missed fruit (yes something I thought I would never say). I'm also not a huge meat fan, especially not red meat, so did have indigestion a lot.

I also found that although I wasn't hungry I was constantly thinking about food and what I could and couldn't have and I became obsessed about it :(

As a result I decided that I would start back counting calories again using My fitness pal - I know what you are thinking - find something and stick to it!!! 

Time for the numbers and it's no real surprise that I had a big gain this week after all the fun of Vegas.

Previous Weight: 274.4
Today's weigh in: 280
 +/- :  +5.6lbs   
Total loss 25lbs

I always seem to have an excuse for eating 'willy-nilly' so need to work on getting rid of the excuses. I have just under 14 weeks until I go to Hawaii and I want to be able to wear some nice shorts and enjoy shopping for a nice new swimsuit and bikini (don't worry it's a private pool - so I won't be scaring the locals!!)

It's also 15 weeks till Fitbloggin - and I did say in a previous post I would like to be around 250lbs by then, so I had better get my arse in gear!! Plus I still need to properly start using my TRX and my Jillian Michaels DVD's still haven't been unwrapped - so no excuses!!

Have a great week everyone
Sarah xxx

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

I have totally decided to shake things up!
For the month of March I am attempting to eat low carb, and based on how that goes I may stick to it long term or may gradually increase my carb intake.

I have been on plan for 3 days so far and finding it easier than I expected, although the first day as you will see I ate far too much calories/fat, but stuck to my allowance of 25 carbs. As I am new to this it will take some time to adjust to, and I want to try and keep my calories around 1600 a day, and my recommended fat intake is 101g and protein 148g. I have a fridge and freezer full of meat so need to start getting creative and find some recipes to follow.

Low carb is something I have never tried before as I always thought it was a lifestyle I couldn't do, I love bread and pasta! My brain seems to work in a strange way, when following weight watchers I knew there were foods I shouldn't  really have, or should have in small quantities, but this didn't stop me from eating lots of them. Now there are foods I CANT have and I am fine with that, it doesn't bother me. Am I the only one who has a brain that works like that?! So I think this will be relatively easy to stick too.

Time for the numbers, prior to deciding to go to low carb last week (Friday) I ate far too much the beginning of the week, so the scales went up, although since starting low carb they have gone down, so I hope to be posting better numbers next week.

Numbers time:

Previous Weight: 272.4
Today's weigh in: 274.4
 +/- :  +2lbs   
Total loss 30.6lbs

I am hoping that doing low carb will mean I eat a lot less junk in Vegas this weekend too - it should do :)

Have a great week everyone
Sarah xxx