Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

I have totally decided to shake things up!
For the month of March I am attempting to eat low carb, and based on how that goes I may stick to it long term or may gradually increase my carb intake.

I have been on plan for 3 days so far and finding it easier than I expected, although the first day as you will see I ate far too much calories/fat, but stuck to my allowance of 25 carbs. As I am new to this it will take some time to adjust to, and I want to try and keep my calories around 1600 a day, and my recommended fat intake is 101g and protein 148g. I have a fridge and freezer full of meat so need to start getting creative and find some recipes to follow.

Low carb is something I have never tried before as I always thought it was a lifestyle I couldn't do, I love bread and pasta! My brain seems to work in a strange way, when following weight watchers I knew there were foods I shouldn't  really have, or should have in small quantities, but this didn't stop me from eating lots of them. Now there are foods I CANT have and I am fine with that, it doesn't bother me. Am I the only one who has a brain that works like that?! So I think this will be relatively easy to stick too.

Time for the numbers, prior to deciding to go to low carb last week (Friday) I ate far too much the beginning of the week, so the scales went up, although since starting low carb they have gone down, so I hope to be posting better numbers next week.

Numbers time:

Previous Weight: 272.4
Today's weigh in: 274.4
 +/- :  +2lbs   
Total loss 30.6lbs

I am hoping that doing low carb will mean I eat a lot less junk in Vegas this weekend too - it should do :)

Have a great week everyone
Sarah xxx


  1. Saw your site on Foodie Penpals :-) I've tried low carb, ww, every diet there is. I've found for ME, it's more just eating less, moving more and at this point, it's just walking. Hate the gyms, the dvd's etc. Walking has been the key for my "exercise" and it's free. Find what works for you. One change a week, and then it will be two, then it will be'll be amazed at what changing 3 things will do for you! Good luck!

    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and to comment too :) I know deep down that it is simple science but I feel at the moment I need a bit more than just that. Ultimately I would love to go back to 'normal eating' and I am working on my exercise too.
      Thanks for the advise :)