Saturday, March 30, 2013

So many 5k's

I signed up for another two 5k's this week :) I'm so going to need a new medal rack!!

My aim for this year was to run one 5k every month. So far this year I have run three.

Brazen New Years Day 5k

Bay Breeze 5k

Jelly Bean Virtual 5k

I have another six that I have registered for, hope to register for the others in the next few weeks.

April: Brazen Diablo Trails 5k

May: Diva's 5k
         Rave Run 5k

June: Foxy Virtual 5k
         Progressive Marathon (a total of 26.2 miles including a final 5k race)

July: Brazen Dirty Dozen 5k (not registered yet)

August: Brazen Summer Breeze 5k (not registered yet)
              Brazen Bear Creek 5k (not registered yet)

September: Brazen Drag N Fly 5k (not registered yet)

October: Brazen Rocky Ridge 5k (not registered yet)

November:  Awesome 80's 5k
                    Considering doing the Nitro Turkey and Quarry Turkey 5k's over Thanksgiving

December: Plan to do the New Years Eve 5k as I did in 2012

If I complete everything I have planned that will be a total of 16 5k's plus a progressive marathon in 2013 - which I think is pretty good going. If anyone wants to join me on any of the races, let me know. I will be fast walking/jogging each one. Hopefully getting fitter and faster as the year goes on.


  1. Hi Sarah! I just wanted you to know that my blog post about your Foodie Penpal box is up! I love that you are setting goals as a runner!! I've been running for 20 years now, and still love it. I hope it will become a lifelong pursuit for you!! THANKS AGAIN, for sending such an awesome box of goodies to me - our entire family really enjoyed everything! Here's the link to the blog post:

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I've just published my blog post about Foodie Penpals