Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year and New Records

I was up bright and early on New Years day to run my first 5k of 2013.

I did the Brazen New Years Day 5k, which was the same route as last week's 5k - around Lake Chabot.

It was a lot colder this morning last week so I ended up running in my hoodie. Did you notice I used the word 'running' there? Well I jogged even more of it than last week :) Which of course means only one thing - a new PR - in fact I set 3 new PR's today!

A new 5K time of 52:24 - which is 3.16 faster than my previous record from July 2012.
A new 1K time of 9:22 - which is 1.00 faster than my previous record from Dec 2012
A new 1mile time of 15:19 - which is 2.13 faster than my previous record from July 2012.

So many new PR's I guess I will need to work hard in 2013 to beat them :)

Official chip times:
Last week I completed it in 1:00:29 and was 38/39 in my age group (female 35-39)
Today I completed it in 57:20:17 and was 44/47 in my group, so faster by 2:40:12

My husband completed last weeks in 1:00:52 and was 14/15 in his age group (male 30-34)
Today he completed it in 55:01:16 and was 13/16 in his group, so faster by 2:19:01

So an extra special well done to my husband Dave for an awesome finish time, and also well done to Marisol for completing the 5k just ahead of me.


Another bib and another medal for my collection. Today's medal joins together with last weeks medal, and we got a 3rd medal to create the Mega Medal.

My next 5k isn't until June and then it's a progressive marathon. So I am now on the look out for some local 5k's as I want to complete one a month in 2012.

Happy New Year
Sarah xxx


  1. You're doing awesome! Such a great job. Inspirational. I may have to crack out my running shoes and try a 5k.

  2. Congratulations, that's fantastic! I need to get into running in more events!