Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

I'm actually a day late posting this week, as weigh in was yesterday, but I have delayed posting, as I was disappointed with my results.
As you can see I tracked 100% I was even under on points some days and I had 25 weekly points left plus I earned 10 activity points too. 

Previous Weight: 277.4 Today's weigh in: 277.8 +/- :  +0.4lbs Total loss 27.2lbs 

I was expecting a nice loss this week, so was shocked to see an increase on the scales, even though it was only 0.4lbs. On speaking to a few people it could be that I didn't eat enough, it could be I had too much salt this week, as I did have a lot of canned soup and ready meals. Who knows?!

Anyway, on to a new week and hopefully next week the scales will be going the other way. As I mentioned before, today I went back to Weight Watchers, I have been using just the online for the last year and decided I wanted the extra accountability. I will be using my Monday morning naked weigh in for my blog, so my total loss is consistent, but will be weighing at the meetings on a Tuesday morning too. I was pleased that all but one day I reached goal on my active link last week, and I hope to hit goal everyday this week too.

At my meeting I purchased the Weight Watchers 360 kit, which comes with lots of fun things, including a workout DVD and a cookbook, so I am looking forward to sitting down this evening after dinner and browsing through everything and making some dinner plans for the week.

Also I discovered some very yummy 1 point snacks this week, which I will be talking about in an upcoming blog post.

Also nearly forgot - as you can see by my side bar >>> I have signed up for another 5k. I will be doing the Divas 5k in May. Still need to find a run for Feb, March and April first though.

Have a great week everyone
Sarah x

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