Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekly weigh in

Another week over and I can't believe we will be in February in a few days.

The past week started well, but then went downhill, I was suddenly eating everything and anything!! This lasted for two days, and one of those days (Friday) I gave up on tracking all together. A big thank you to everyone who contacted me on twitter to send me words of encouragement, it definitely helped. I woke up Saturday morning and was right back on track.

The previous week I earned 15 AP's and hit my goal 98% of the time. Here are the figures from this week :)

As you can see I earned an extra 6 points this week, and my average goal achievement was 108% so I definitely became more active this week.
5 weeks into the challenge and I am on track, and slightly above the estimations. Let's hope this continues.

Tracking wise as you can see it shows I had points left over, but realistically I probably ate those on the day I never tracked. Also I forgot about my healthy checks once again!

Down to the actual numbers:
This week's stats Previous Weight: 275.6
Today's weigh in: 272.2
 +/- :  -3.4lbs   
Total loss 32.8lbs 

I was actually expecting to see a gain so was pleasantly surprised. I thought back to when I did Weight Watchers previously and some of my eating habits, and I recalled that the weeks I ate most or all of my weekly points, were the weeks I had a good loss, so I think that lately I have maybe not been eating enough especially as I have been working out too. So that is my new plan of action for the week ahead to try and eat more! I know it doesn't seem to make sense when I say it out loud either.

This week I have a friend visiting from England and we will be out and about a lot and eating out but I plan to track everything as best I can and get lots of walking in. Today I was very impressed with myself, we went for lunch and I declined the complimentary bread (I think this maybe a first for me) and then I went with a half salad (normally I go with a full one) and it filled me up nicely. I must admit it did help dining in a restaurant that was in the points tracker on my phone. I even was able to have dessert which I shared with my friend. Tomorrow we are dining at the Cheesecake Factory, hopefully I can say no to the bread there as well (which will be hard as I love their bread). I plan to go online before we go and plan out what I am going to have and the points values too.

I unfortunately didn't meet my DietBet goal - I lost 7.2lbs in the 4 weeks, so was 4lbs short of 4%, but it was a fun challenge and well done to those of you who hit 4% and get a share of the pot.

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Have a great week everyone
Sarah xxx


  1. I have really struggled with the concept of eating all my WW daily points, but the weeks where I haven't have definitely been lower loss.
    Good luck for the rest of your week :)

    1. Thanks, it does seem strange eating more to lose weight, so will be interesting to see the numbers on the scales next week.
      Have a great week :)