Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

Welcome back

How did I get on this week? Here is my tracking overview. Although I didn't exceed my points (well not the weekly ones), I felt I didn't make great choices food wise this week.  Yes, Sunday did consist of mainly cheese and salami!! However I did earn 15 activity points on my ActiveLink and hit my new (higher goal) 98% overall this week, which is 4 more AP's than last week.

I was a little better at logging my healthy checks this week!

This week's stats
Previous Weight: 276.4 Today's weigh in: 275.6
 +/- :  -0.8lbs 
Total loss 29.4lbs 

I want to try and work on increasing my exercise this week, and really making a dent in the number on the scales. My diet bet ends next week, and to hit 4% I need to lose 6.6lbs, so don't think that will be happening. This morning I walked 2.4 miles after class, and I went to a friends house and did a mini workout on her TRX system, and I did squats without my knees hurting :) I was so impressed with it, I have just been online and ordered one - so am looking forward to making that a regular thing in my workout routines..

Nearly forgot, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning and I won a prize

It was a cookbook of my choice and I chose this one, I'm excited to try some new recipes this upcoming week.

Plus I have another giveaway planned (probably for next week), which I think will be very popular among you sweet toothed people!! 

Also I signed up for a 5k for February - Ill be doing the Bay Breeze run. Need to find one for March now.

For those of you who also missed me post on Facebook and twitter - we booked a vacation last week. We are going to Maui in June, I am so excited as I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. Plus I get back on the Sunday and the following week it is Fitbloggin, so lots to look forward to.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.
Sarah x


  1. OMG... those Active Link charts are making me so excited! LOL I should hopefully get mine today. And boy do I need the extra motivation right now!

    And I know small losses suck! But they are so much better than gains! Hang in there!

    1. Thanks, it is certainly a good motivational tool