Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weigh In and catch up

My first blog post from my new house :) Move went well and everything is now unpacked.
Slowly adjusting to my new surroundings, loving the new neighborhood as it is super flat so that will help with my extra walking.

Today I hung the first items on the wall in our new home, I was busy sorted my office/gym and decided to hang these. They take pride of place in the room, plus there is plenty of space on the wall for another rack which I will need very very soon. Next race is this weekend it's the Diablo Trails 5k (the one with the big elevation!!) and its supposed to be hot this weekend too. Luckily the race is at 830am, also its only 3 miles from our new house, so won't need to get up early ;) Should be a good challenge, don't expect to create any new PR's though!!

It has been 3 weeks since I last weighed in and food wise I haven't really been on track, but I have been super busy packing, moving, unpacking, which I guess worked in my favor,

Previous Weight: 275.2
Today's weigh in: 274
 +/- :  -1.2lbs   
Total loss 31lbs

I saw the scales go up to 281 over the last few weeks so was glad the number went down again. I've not tracked as such this week, but am trying to focus on eating clean as much as possible, and the last two nights I have cooked meals from scratch, turkey burgers Monday night, chicken curry and cauliflower rice last night and tonight I am making a ground beef and cauliflower dish.

Those of you who haven't entered my Jillian Michaels DVD giveaway - you have two days left to enter. Good Luck

I can't finish this blog post without mentioning Boston. What happened on Monday was horrific, but it has taught me one thing the power of the running community is amazing. Also social media is such an awesome tool for staying in touch and showing support. I didn't have the TV on so didn't heard about the incident until I got a tweet from a friend in response to my message earlier that day wishing people luck in the marathon, her tweet read 'hope anyone you know is okay' - I was confused and thought maybe the tweet was for someone else, but went and checked twitter and facebook anyway, and then I read about it and immediately felt sick. I turned on the news and was shocked at the images I was seeing :( I then immediately thought of some friends on twitter who were running the marathon. Neither of whom I have met in real life, but who I was deeply concerned about, one of them Dani had crossed the finish line moments before the blast, she was able to get a message to friends who in turn tweeted and reassured us all she was fine, my other friend also tweeted she was safe. This is a valuable tool to remember if (and hopefully you will never need it) you are in a similar emergency situation and want to let loved ones know you are OK. The running community came together yesterday to show support for Boston and I particapted by wearing my race shirt and walking for 26.2 minutes, it was exactly 26.2, but I hit un pause instead of stop!

I will definitely be thinking about everyone affected when I run this weekend.

Have a great week everyone - stay safe
Sarah x


  1. Glad you were able to make the transition smoothly! Love that you took time to hang your medals on the wall as one of the first things! Looks great!! :0)

    1. Thanks, seeing the medals each day encourages me to get up and be more active for sure :)

  2. Wow! An new house. I'm super jealous of all those fab medals. I only recently took up running and have only been in one race. No medal.

    I think Boston affected everyone in the running community deeply. Even non-runners who have loved ones who run were horrified that something so tragic could happen while doing something you love.

    1. I must admit I do tend to only sign up for races where I get medals now, as I love my race bling so much :)
      Make sure your next race has a medal!