Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Checking in

Hey everyone

Hope you are all well, I thought I would do a quick check in post to let you know I am alive and well.

Super busy packing up the house ready for move day this Saturday. I have been jumping on the scales off and on - and it's not pretty :( I will be posting an official weigh in Monday morning. 

I have planned lots of different 5k walks around my new neighborhood, and I am going to be unpacking all my lovely cookbooks straight into the kitchen to get me on track cooking proper meals again, as I have been eating on the go far too much, I'm not sure when I last ate a vegetable - I don't think the garlic in the garlic bread counts!!

We have a brand new fridge freezer installed in our new house and I am super excited to go to the grocery store and stock it with healthy food, when I pack up the kitchen here any processed and junk food will not be making the journey to the new house. I know I can do this - I just need to focus.

I have found another thing to motivate myself I have signed up for diet bet again - this will be my third one and hopefully I will win a share of the pot this time.
If anyone wants to sign up and take part here is the link

Have a great week everyone and I will be back posting on Monday (providing our internet connection is up and running)

Nearly forgot - I want to say a HUGE congratulations to my friend Marisol who completed her first ever half marathon last weekend - you rock and are a huge inspiration to me :)

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