Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

I'm actually posting my weigh in on the day it happened for once :) Today has started well, I have tracked my breakfast, hoping the rest of the day works out and then the rest of the week. The last time I tracked was Jan 31st, so it's time to sort that out.

I am doing really well at wearing my Active Link all day, and haven't missed a day since I purchased it. My goal did increase last week as I was achieving it almost every day - this week, I only hit goal once, but to be fair I never really worked out. As a result I hit my goal 82% and only earned 10 AP's - which is a bit embarrassing really.

This week I am on a mission - yes I said it, this is the proof! I will hit my goal everyday - no excuses. Feel free to nag me during the week to check up on my progress :)

Numbers time:
Previous Weight: 279.4
Today's weigh in: 278.6
 +/- :  -0.8lbs   
Total loss 26.4lbs 

Yes it was a loss, but nothing to really be proud of, especially after the huge gain last week. My body is really craving proper food, so hoping that will help keep me focused, plus I have a 5k to run this Saturday which I am excited about.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Sarah x

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