Friday, December 28, 2012

Active Link Assessment

I completed my 7 day Active Link assessment :)

I think maybe I should have chosen a better week to do it, as I spent a lot of time at home on the sofa watching TV over Christmas, although to be fair I wasn't expecting the results to be great, but I am a little shocked at them all the same!!

I do like how it says I am an athlete - all be it an occasional one!! 

It now sets me goals, it wants me to reach the base line each day as my goal. Which I guess is a goal, but the base line is 0 points, so it's like a goal with no prize :( It says that my 12 week goal is to be earning 2 points a day, which I don't think is much, but technically it's twice what I am currently doing. I do have the chance to review my goals along the way, and if I find once the holidays are over and I am back in a regular routine that I am moving more I can change my goal. 

I like how it challenges you to also do the following activities: 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity 5 times a week, and/or 20 minutes of high intensity activity 3 times a week, and it automatically checks them as you do them. So far I am on day 2 and have one box checked

This as how I got on yesterday (day 1), I reached 122% of my goal, but didn't earn any activity points :( It would have been nice if it had told me how close I was to earning a point. When I am following weight watchers I don't tend to eat my activity points (which is probably a good thing as I'm not earning any!), but it is interesting to see how little I do - at the moment anyway!!

I am taking part in a 5k tomorrow, so hoping that I will be checking a few boxes and earning some activity points finally.

Sarah x

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