Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weigh in results

This is a bit of a delayed update, I weighed Monday morning but have only just got round to blogging.

The last time I weighed was the week I flew to England and I weighed 278, I planned to weigh last Tuesday to see 'the damage' but I either had gastroenteritis or food poisoning and was really really sick last week, although I did get on the scales mid week and there was a big loss, but that was because I literally had nothing inside me for 3 days!!

Last weigh in: 278
12/17/12: 279.6 
+/-:   gain of 1.6lbs
Total loss: 25.4lbs

I was expecting a much  bigger gain after my vacation so think the fact I was sick helped with this, but I have been eating lots of not so healthy food since I got better.

I made the decision today to go back to weight watchers meetings. The best time for me is Tuesday mornings, which means I can't go next week as it will be Christmas Day and the week after is New Year's Day and I will be running a 5k. So I will be back at meetings on Jan 8 :) In the meantime I will be tracking online starting tomorrow morning and weighing on a Monday morning, I will probably record my weight at home on a Monday morning also even when I am back at meetings.

Also today I purchased an active link as a Christmas present to myself. :) I haven't set it up yet, but plan to in the next few days and am eager to see how much exercise I'm doing (or not doing)!! I have read a few things about it, but not 100% sure how it works, so will be reporting back as I use it. It is an extra $5 a month, but I think I am worth it.

Time to go and read some of the new weight watchers 360 material on their site so I can start tracking first thing

Also if anyone is interested I have created a facebook page for my blog, feel free to come by and 'like' it.

Sarah x

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