Monday, December 24, 2012

Weigh in and Elf 4 Health

Christmas Eve and weigh in day. I haven't been great at tracking this week, but I have been great at drinking lots of water and have been out walking lots. I have been wearing my active link and am still in the assessment stage so looking forward to getting the results in a few days. Here are this week's results:

Last weigh in: 279.6
12/24/12 : 278.6
+/-: loss of 1lb
Total loss: 26.4lbs 

So a nice small loss for me this week, and I am hoping that I will be ending the year with a loss too.

I have a 5k to run this Saturday and another one on New Year's Day that I am really looking forward to doing. I would like to commit to doing at least one 5k each month in 2013. I plan to start browsing the local racing calendars in the next few days to get signed up for some more races.

I joined the Elf4Health challenge 4 weeks ago, and have just received my third elf buddy. My first elf was Stephanie in MA and my second elf was Ginger in NC - both of whom were awesome. My third elf buddy is Jami, but I've not heard back from her yet. Lindsey and Elle have been great at matching everyone up and setting us some great challenges - thanks ladies for being so awesome. I would say so far I have taken part in about 50% of them, so must try harder in the final two weeks.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays - hope you all have a happy and safe one

Sarah xxx

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